Securing crop pollination through vegetation

Researchers from the University of Adelaide will collaborate with grower organisations, state government partners, NRM boards and non-government organisations to design revegetation strategies for crop pollinators. This will involve identification of useful crop pollinators, their seasonality and the native plants that support them. The revegetation advice will be targeted to South Australian pollination dependent crops and cropping regions. Demonstration projects will be developed around pollinators of canola, lucerne and apple and pear.

Project Overview

A video that presents the project's goals, outlining some of the research activities and expected outcomes.

Project Animation

An animation on the project which offers insight into why the project is of relevance for growers.

Pollinate for Profit

An information video on the project by the Hills and Fleurieu Landscape Board.

Strategies to increase almond pollination in South Australia

Some information for Almond Growers on the project's results and how to make use of them.